How to build and fire up your faith in God

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TEXT:     LUKE 2: 25 – 38, ISAIAH 52:7 – 10


The book of Isaiah 52:7-10 talks about a hope for the future which Isaiah spoke about because he believer the word God gave him. It came to pass after many years. We also see in the book of Luke 2:25-38 the lives of devout believers who were waiting to see God’s salvation before their death. It came to pass by the Holy Spirit.


Faith and hope are two of the many virtues that characterised the lives of Simeon and Anna. They demonstrated fait by waiting so many years to see the promised Messiah. they manifested hope by remaining firm, confident and going to the temple daily that they would see their expectation come pass.


Our faith in Christ gives us a solid foundation and our hopes makes us became of reassurance for others to depend on Christ too.



1.       Who are those that have beautiful feet and how? Isaiah 52:7

2.       What is the effect on others? Isaiah 52:8-9

3.       What virtues  characterised Simeon’s life Luke 2:25-28,34

4.       What did Simeon praise God for in his song? Luke 2:29-30

5.       What did Anna do when she saw baby Jesus Luke 2:38 can we do same today.

6.       What did Simeon prophesy concerning the Messiah? Luke2:31-35


MEMORY VERSE: Luke 2:25 – And, behold. There was a man in devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel : and the Holy Ghost was upon him

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