Morning prayers against Satanic attacks

I tear down the stronghold of Satan against my life, in the name

I smash every plan of Satan formed against me this year in the name of Jesus

I confound every stubborn pursuer this year, in the name of Jesus

I bind every power cursing my destiny into effectiveness, in the name of Jesus

I strike with chaos and confusion every power that will siphon my blessings this year, in the name of Jesus

I turn the evil devices of household witchcraft up side down in the name of Jesus

I render every local satanic weapon against my life this year harmless, in the name of Jesus

I receive deliverance from the spirit of anxiety in the name of Jesus

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Power Must Change Hands. February 2003

17 thoughts on “Morning prayers against Satanic attacks

  1. prayer for the ministry that i am use to reach out to lost souls for Christ and the ministries is called Love and Faith Outreach Ministries and I work in the streets and also in different churches to reach with the testimonies that I experience in my life.
    and I need prayer over myself and my husband Min. Terrance Parks and our family also that we stay focus on the will of Jesus for our savior in Jesus name.


  3. in jesus name ,l need prayer in my education to succed in my school work . after that ,i want to join the ministering school , l feel l have to win the innocent souls to the lord . please pray for me becoz something is really pushing me to do that . so with out the five o,level cannot make it to the the ministering school . so l will be sitting for my exams in june this year . yes i can feel that the lord want to use me . with god every thing is possible, l believe in jesus.he is the rewarder for those who diligently seek him.

  4. The almighty is our protecter and giver. Believe in him and u will accomplish ur goals. God bless

  5. I need a prayer that will help me overcome the satanist who go to church that I go to.they wanted to initiate me an I saw it now they after me to kill me.they destroyed me financially coz I offer at church an they took the money to there kingdom.pls help me with prayers,I’ve lost everything an poverty is on my back.

  6. Thank you for the prayer points they heip me a lot. Please I need a prayer I send my cv’s but there is no respond my husband is sick my mother brother AND I are unemp;oyed. I need your prayers. I know that my redeemer lived the devil is a lier. Amen and Amen

  7. pls pray for me am seperated from my husband even thou i tied so hard for it to work,,, i am not in any other affair i want to do Gods will, it is 5 yrs now since we seperated, I DONT KNOW wether to pray for a husband or for reconcilliation, i already left all to GOD; KENYA

  8. please pray for me that all the evil hands of the enemy that is making my family not to be in unity would scatter and attack their senders and the Lord would strike dead any man or woman that does not want my family to have peace and breakthrough in life amen.

  9. Please pray for salvation for my husband richard all withcraft over him must break my son darian must stop joining bad friends and go to church and my business must prosper

  10. pls pray for me for sanic ministers are at war aganist my business,im sarounded an sometyms is hard but i know,with god like he has promised in pslam 91,i will over come.God bless all of you in mighty name of our lord jesus christ.

  11. Please pray for my family. we need urgent prayers and breakthrough. there have been a lot of attacks over me and my boys…please pray for deliverance over our lives in Jesus’ name.

  12. please people of God the devil is at work ,like the man of god has said let us wake up at 24hrs each day for 7 days and include a beautiful fasting so that we can pray for each other and burn the demons out of our lives

  13. Amen…Please pray for me brethren, am experiencing a very difficult time in my life..! I need divine transformation in my life!

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