Bible study on fasting:Why we must fast and pray


  1. To make your spirit man to be sensitive to hear God’s voice Acts 13:1-4
  2. To receive .direction on what to do and how to do it Lk. 6: 12-15, Matt. 4:1-23 Jesus got His (Acts 14:23) followers after his prayer and fasting.
  3. To build your spirit-man with God’s word and defeat Satan with all his temptations, Matt. 4:1-11, Lk. 4:1-12, Eph. 3:16, 1John 2:14, Heb. 2:18, 4:15, 1Cor 10:13.
  4. To set those bound and afflicted by the devil free Isaiah 58, Esther 4:13-17
  5. To receive a Revelation from God Daniel 10.
  6. To get victory, protection and for God to fulfill his promises. Dan 9, Ezra 8:21-22, Luke2:37
  7. In obedience to God’s word that we should fast and pray Matt. 6:16-17.

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