Daily Prayers: evil dreams and dream attacks

1. Every power drawing my blood in the dreams, vomit, die in Jesus name (say vomit, die, 7 times)
2. My blood become bitter in the mouth of dream blood suckers.
3. Every power shaving my hair and plaiting my hair in the dreams, die in Jesus name
4. Every breakthroughs that I have lost in my dreams, I reclaim now in Jesus name.
5. I reject evil report revealed to me in the dreams.

24 thoughts on “Daily Prayers: evil dreams and dream attacks”

  1. Thank you very much for the prayers to cast the evil dreams . please if there are some more prayers I need them and I need the scriptures that can help me to cast the evil dreams. t thank you so much.

  2. Just stumble on this site and I know that it is not by accident because my 8 year old son just told me the nightmare he has been having about the devil with six tail six, six head, six legs , six hands everything six . He is born again and reads the bible Please could you please send me a prayer ponit to pray with , thanks and be blessed.

  3. Prayers agaisnt evil dreams and dream attacks
    July 9th, 2008 · No Comments
    Stand on this scriptures:

    Leviticus 26:6 ‘I will give peace in the land, and you shall lie down, and no one will make you afraid;
    Psalm 121 vs 7: You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid …” … The LORD shall preserve you from all evil: he shall preserve your soul.

    Blood of Jesus, appear to every power calling my name for evil through dreams.

    I paralyse every dream attacks with the blood of Jesus
    I confront every evil power appearing to me in the dreams with the blood of Jesus Christ
    Fire of God, enveop me as I lie down to sleep, in Jesus name
    My Guardian angels, encamp around me as I lie down to sleep in Jesus name
    O God that asnwereth by fire, turn me into a fire that cannot be tounched in Jesus name

  4. please,pray with me, for the mighty hand of God to always lead me, and God spiritual breakthru to be permanent in my life.help me pray for a good job too and financial break thru.

  5. Please join me to pray about dream attacks to my daughters, myself, sibblings, husband and Mom. attacks in my marriage, financial crisis,deliverance and divine healing for my husband and Mom.

  6. hi,
    my comment is that dreams are important b4 we sleep pray for protection n when we wake cancel every bad one and claim good ones.also if sone tells u they dreamt so n so about you. u must also pray,claim d good ones n cancel d bad.its so important, my bff told me she dreamt my mum died n i didnt do anything about it months later my mum died,my pastor pal told me he dreamt i had a car n the next month i got one.pls take dreams from others serious thanks.

  7. Pls I need help and support in prayer against some incessant dreams I have been having like contantly seeing myself in our old house in nigeria even though am in the uk, and also seeing okro and snails most especially after a period of fasting and prayers, also wakes up with marks on my body. I have fasted and prayed about thse for years now. Pls help!!!

  8. please i want you people to help me pray for God should evil dreams from me which has be repeating indifferent ways every day and has been affecting my health. i want to be free of this dreams.

  9. I want to be heal and be restore back to my normally good health and i promise God i will testify his goodness and healing and i will serve him more than ever before

  10. I have been very blessed by the prayer book Prayer Rain by Pastor Olukoya. It is very indepth and covers a lot of ground.Some dreams may appear bad but they actually warn you and may give you direction on how to pray. Please buy that book. Be blessed as you walk the journey of prayer and remember to fast

  11. Please help me in prayers against bad dreams n bad vision, i want a clear mind, clear visions, clear and gud dreams God bless u all.

  12. Please help me in prayers against bad dreams n bad vision, i want a clear mind, clear visions, clear and gud dreams God bless u all. Once again thank u for this web, for sure it has tought me many things and now i can see clearely, my senses are coming back slowly by slowly finely i’will stand on my on feets, God Bless you Big.

  13. lets unite and pray together to destroy unecessary evil. this night i have a very bad dream of flying in darkness which is not my possition. pray also for my marridge for next not be destroyed by evil. thank u.

  14. I want u people to put me in your prayer for i have being having attacks in my life and evils pls pray for me all this shall be chatteref and distroy in the name of jesus

  15. God bless this ministry and all the ministers who took their time for the work of God, i have being having series of nightmare since i got baptized, pls sir join me in prayers,and i can i over come this evil dreams?

  16. I always dream each time I sleep afternoon,night.I laugh and make body moves in my sleep while dreaming.I dream all the time of been in school environments with my classmates

  17. thanks for prayer points. please help to cancel every bad i always which affect my life. had been dreaming of many snakes sorrounding me also eating with a dead peole.i believe in blood of jesus ,it washes away every evil dreams i cancel them in jesus name

  18. every since I was little I have had these dreams to wear I felt like I was taken over by an evil spirit and lay paralysed and cant speak or move and it is as though I am awake but my grandmother told me years ago to command what ever it is to leave me alone in jesus name and if I cant say it all, just keep trying to say jesus over and over and every time that I mumble his name the so called dream ends but I still feel evil and afraid and am up all night praying for protection. and some times in my dream there is even things flying or being thrown across the room. well, I had one of them last night and woke up as I was repeating jesus’s name over and over outloud.i don’t know why I am tortured with these dreams but I just found some prayers to pray on this site and I thank you so much.

  19. Bless God for this wonderful site. Any time you dream a bad dream, always have this confidence that it cann ever be your potion. the devil want you to be scared & that’s the tool he uses for every one. he’s walking to & fro like lion looking for who to devor, so anytime fear knocks on your door, send FAITH and CONFIDENCE to open it, & you will discover there’s no one at the door. fear not, for I AM with you.

  20. Blessed be to God, My daughter and I have bad dreams, everysingle day my daughter tells me that she had bad dreamns that I should pray for her. An I always had bad dreams walking without shoes, about my dead relatives and at times in the water. Please guide me with a prayer and how to pray for this and my daughter


  22. Thank u Jesus, This prayer point really give freedom, i am out of fear of d death of a love one talkless my mum. thank u JESUS CHRIST for giving us life. have mercy

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