Christian Audio sermons

  1. God is your helper
  2. Your Herods shall die!
  3. How to receive divine deliverance from Spiritual viruses
  4. God needs a gift from you

3 My marriage must work!

4.  The heavens shall fight for me

5.  Freedom from captivity

6.   New Year prayers-This year shall favour me

7. Command the New year to favour you!

8.   Kill the strongman

9.   Jokers in the Christian race

10.  Predictions for the New Year

11.   Crush the Serpent

12.   Overcome evil gatemen

13.   Make Jesus you Val

14.    Prayers for divine protection

15.   The Powerful God

15.   Understanding Spiritual Robbers

16. God will intervene

17.   Witchcraft Must Die

18.   Spiritual Checklist

19 The Blood of  Jesus

20  Deliverance by the Blood

21. The Power of Ressurection

22. Evil conspirators must die

23. Shake off the Viper

24. Make God  your lover

25.The story of your life shall change

26. Shake off the Evil powers

27.  A little sin

28.  God’s prayer request

29. Prayers of a Wounded Lion

30.  Disgracing water spirits

31.   Power to Overcome spirit of oppression

33. Deliverance from evil bondages

34.  Jesus as the Alpha and Omega

35. Who is this Jesus?

36. How to receive answers to prayers

37. New Year prophecy 2012

38. Jesus Saves

39. The Grace plan of God

40. The enemy you must deal with

41. Unbroken curses

42.  Prayers to overcome Household enemies

43.King Solomon as a Tragedy

44. Prayers to overcome reproaches

45. Avoid sex sin: Beware of Strange Women

46. Names of Jehovah

47. Prayers to overcome barrennes

48.  Names of Jehovah

49. O God, I need a great deliverance!

50. The Cross of Jesus

51. Lamentations of Heaven: Men ought to pray

52 . When Men Slept- Prayers to overcome evil dreams

51. You need the anointing

53. Prayer for  divine promotion

54. Choosing a life partner- Lessons from the experience of Samson

55. What is the ark of God?

56. The spirit of Babylon

57.  Prayers Against Hindering Spirits

59.  Jesus as the deliverer

60.  The Finger of God

61. Divine selection

65. Bible: Lessons from story of Hannah

66. Bible: Lessons from story of  Ruth

67. Book of Life: Is your name on the list of names?

68.  Bible: Lessons from the story of  Samuel

69. I behead my Goliaths.

70. King David- the man after God’s heart

71. The Character of Job in the Bible

72. Hedge of the Lord: Prayers for Divine protection

73. O God I need the anointing

74.  I will do a new thing

75. O earth, earth, earth, vomit my prosperity

76. What is fasting?

77. Be fruitful, Multiply, Replenish, Subdue, Dominate

78.  Is Homosexuality a sin?

79. Kill your flesh

80.  Ye are gods

81.  The God that answereth by fire

82.  Your Herods shall die!

83. God as a Man of War

84. Power in midnight prayers

85. How to become succesful in Business : Christian principles

86. How to cast out demons: Prayer points

87. Deliverance prayer points to overcome spirit husbands and spirit wives

88. Bible lessons from story of Joseph

89. Bible study on Mordecai and Haman: Deliverance prayers from enemies

90. What is the Bible dress code and how to overcome jezebelic spirit.

91. What are Idols and What is Idolatry

92.  How to overcome the devil

93.  Let their be Light in my darkness!

94.  How to overcome stubborn problems

95. Weapons of warfare

96.  Qualities of Noah

97. Lessons from the fall of man in garden of Eden

98.    Prayers against marital delay

99.  Power of Praying in the Spirit

100.  Deliverance from Spirit Wives

101. Bible qualities of Abel

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