Prayers for personal deliverance

D.K. Olukoya

Psalm 18:50
As you give yourself to the study of the word of God, live a holy life and maintain an aggressive prayer life, victory is sure.
Gen. 45:7: And God sent me before you to preserve you posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance.
1 Chr. 11:14: and they set themselves in the midst of that parcel delivered it, and slew the philistines; and she Lord saved them by a great deliverance.

Praise & Worship
1. I drink the blood of Jesus (physically swallow and drink it in faith. Keep doing this for some time.)
2. Lay on hand on your head and the other on your stomach or navel and begin to pray like this: Holy Ghost fire, burn from the top of my head to the sole of my feet. Begin to mention every organ of your body; your kidney, live, intestine, blood, etc. you must not rush at this level, because the fire will actually come.
3. I cut myself off from every tribal spirit and cause, in Jesus name
4. I cut myself off from every territorial spirit and curse, in the name of Jesus
5. I cut myself off from every of…… (mention the name of your place f birth), in the name of Jesus

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72 Comments to “Prayers for personal deliverance”

  1. I am writing you because I am in a position unlike any other. I am in need of a JOB as well as a HUGE financial blessing TODAY. I have been praying, and breaking curses, and standing in the gap and I have received NOT a word from the Lord. I have prayed to GOD in Jesus name, and done any and every manner of things and to NO AVAIL I do not understand how this can be, do you know something that I do not know ? I was fired from a GOOD job with NO EXCUSE or Understanding, I lost a PAID for mansion
    owned both deeds and my husband left me with NO warning stranded in
    a pay by the week hotel with out a CAR, Oh how happy I could make ALL my so called friends wih this story, and to add that I now sleep in my CAR
    and it is HOT as HELL at day and night. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME…

  2. Please Pray for me NOW

  3. praise the Lord i am so happy and more blessed by the messages from this site. its my prayer if i can recieve these prayers on my mail. thank you and God continue to bless you mightly.

  4. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take me off of this website NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That was august andit is December and you still have it up and no changes
    TAKE ME OFF NOW !!!!!!, Only Scam artist have contacted me by the millions from Nigeria and all other parts of the World with one scheme aftr another. TAKE ME OFF

  5. What God is doing in my zonal branch in is so wonderful. God is showing himself in d life of my regional pastor pst philip

  6. deliverance from every arrors the enemy has sent into my body,deliverance from every attack aganist my friut of womb and let God attack all those men and women attacking us,and let God cancel every evil decress and evil plan aganist us

  7. Where is mfm in califonia. usa

  8. Am sick of bloodpressure since childhood. My head also pains every day none only stops for a short time after I have taken pain killers.I need deliverrance fropm generation curse.ineed your prayers man of /od.


  9. I have been employed for 17 years no promotion and I need it like so much, I have been working at the receptionist and WANT it back, I have been writing exams but failing for more than 30 times so heart broken

  10. Pray for me. I need a great job that i will enjoy doing. I love PR and customer service. I job that will pay me net 150,000/- ksh the least.

    A job that will not take my time from fellowship with God and my family. Where i will not be harassed by my collegues and will excell and enjoy working

    God bless you

  11. Am a member mid-west region-1 delta state.N0 9 cousin close,behind savannah bank,enerhen junction warri.i graduated since 2008,nysc 09/10.i need 2 b doing smtin no matter how little i will b grateful God of mfm.incase of anytin dis is my contact (08035939177)i base in warri.Brethren pls HELP!!!!!!!

  12. I am in need of a financial,spiritual,breakthrough. I need god totransform my life. I need god more than any thing right now. I need help to pray for my family the time is short and I need the lor to save my family and friends and for me stay rooted in the name of the lord. I really need this radical change.God mean every thing to me I just want him to talk to me anything he says I wil do. I need his wisdom knowlege and understanding. Please pray for me in jesus name. Thank u

  13. Please we need a branch of mfm in Leicester, east midlands Uk. And may God continue to grant Dr D.K Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracle ministry the wisdom to do His work to the end.”AMEN” God Bless you sir as you continue to touch lives and win souls for Christ.

  14. I am a lady nid of deliverance from the spirit of suicide,



  16. I thank God ,pastor,and the great ministry,GOD ANSWER’s prayer,

  17. 1.pray for my health diagonosed w diabetes,high blood pressure cholestrol and glacoma
    2.pray for my children’s academic sucess
    2 pray for my financial situation
    4pray for money settlement in my family ,not to be delayed.
    5.pray for me to have my paper in the land.
    6.pray that my enemies to be put to shame
    7pray for me to buy my house /car/cash this year
    thank you

  18. 1.pray for a job for 3yrs ,i have not gotten a job.
    2.pray for my family for good health
    3.let god surprise us financially this febuary 2012.
    4.pray for academic success
    5.god should bless my family in this land as he blesssed issac and jakob in a foreign land.

  19. 1.pray for me to pass my nursing exam”hesi”on tuesday 28 and friday 2nd of march 2012,not just a pass to do exceedingly well. thank you.
    2.pray for me as they r taking decision on my immigration situation and pray for me not to hear voices again.
    3.pray for my mother for a job and transportation
    4.pray for ur financial situation.
    5.thank God for my family for my father’s recovery for his illness
    6.pray for my sister for her grade to improve in her tests and God should take away stress.
    7.pray for abundant surprise financially on the 29th of febuary 2012
    thank u.

  20. he is always the lord that answereth prayer, I’m still prayering i want him to answer me the he answer other people i read there testimony .

  21. I need GOD’S Intervention in my entire life i been struggling for a long time if i did’nt worked over hard I can’t eat. Can not even cross the side of life, is like life is upside down no favour to excel in life like other people I have never been lucky i want ur prayers people of GOD.if i got any sickness he does nt go away i got piles, mouth ulcer, i want my lord to heal me miraculous in my bones in my blood all around in jesus name. Let him my lord forgive me of all my sins and heal me the root cause of it. And blessing me finacial so that i can start my own business I’m tired of labouring for someone i said amen to my request seal by his blood.

  22. 1.pray for my daugther improvement in her grades.
    2.pray for sucess in a job and health problems
    3.pray for my son to give his life to christ and have achange of attitude and behaviour
    4.pray for my daugther not to hear voices
    5.pray for my daugther to make a good choice in relationship and to meet her convenant husband amen

  23. 1.pray for me ,i am a student and i am on academic probation and i have been given academic probation and i cannnot get student loan any more because of my grades .pray for me for my grades to improve from c’s to a’s this school is my calling.i want to be an anastheologist.i want to be the head not the tail.
    2.for god to give us a break through financiallly in all areas of life
    3.pray for healing for my mother.father w heart condition and his visa to come through the usa
    3.pray for my sister for her immigration status to come through.

  24. Please pray for my family we are going through a turbulance my husband does not speak to me he is always not at home and my son has learning problems at school

  25. Please pray for my family we are experiencing turbulance my husband is continously absent fron home and my son is not performimg well at school

  26. 1.pray for my daugthers to excel in their nursing careers and stop having c’s to have a’s,one of them is put on academic probation
    2.GOD should lift that probation
    3.Financial break through
    4 .job break through
    5.illness break through
    6.high blood pressure,diabetes
    7.quick response fron the immigration

  27. God is great and he is a God of possibilities.There is an Moving object on my head and it seems some1 is tieing my head with rope n using Needle to penetrate My head.I believe God will do a great Miracle Amen

  28. How can i get higher power and authority from God, and direction in my ministry.

  29. iam.a muslim i belive in GOD and christ .pls i need a prayer.when lam in sch.i committe serval abortion.but lam marry to the man iam looking 4 children i want GOD to 4give.and a friend to me abot is church.pls i want GOD to bless is 6month since my weding.

  30. i nid academic deliverance

  31. i av wrote o level exam 3times . also deliverance from poverty and late marriage. God pls i nid ur intervention in my family.thank u

  32. Praying for deliverance from the Collins Satanic family bloodline from a bloodline of Coven Witches and Warlocks. I need my breakthrough!!

  33. I am writing to u blc i am in need of job,i need a home as a spinster.i want God promises to come to fulfillmnt,i also need a deliverance both physical and spiritual.i just pray to see my problems being solved tru this online prayer.

  34. I am Mrs Mary Amadasun i want God to be merciful to me and bless me with more children. I v, one child for now and my marriage is 12yrs old. I want God to also deliver me water spirit and to bring peace to my home. i need twins children from God and let God restore back all my wasted years in jesus name i ask amen.

  35. God i dont want this month to pass me, i want to be pregnant this month and stay with my husband parmanently in Denmark.

  36. i would love to know more about MFM

    isaac senaji


  37. If this message and prayer can be dawnload 2 phon 4rm internet it will be gud 4 everybody 2 pray d prayer without go 2 internet again,as we know dt d delieverance most be countnew every day untill total delieverance.

  38. People of GOD pray 4 me,my marriage is 2years now without baby, but i have faith in GOD dt he can do it.

  39. My dear,our is always able to do exceedly,abundantly above all we can ask.there is nothing impossible for God to do.beleive it shall be well with you in Jesus name Amen.

  40. My dear,our God is always able to do exceedly,abundantly above all we can ask.there is nothing impossible for God to do.beleive it shall be well with you in Jesus name Amen.

  41. 1. I have sickness in my womb that I cannot get pregnant for my husband please man of God help. 2. I lost my job since january till now no job. 3. My husband wanted to travel out,visa is ready but money seems to be a barrier. 4. Financial breakthrough. 5. Job breakthrough. 6. Breaking of curses from my fathers house and my husband house. 8. Deliverance prayer against strong men and women attack. 9. Strenght to stay steafast in the LORD ALMIGHTY.

  42. the lord will continue to bless the G.O. and all other pastors in the mfm IN JESUS CHRIST NAME
    Iwant the lord to perfect his plan upon my life and children and all my brother and sister and succdessful work for all my children after there university education and prayer for continual protection from God and prayer that every evils plans against our life in future will go back to senter in Jesus CHRIST NAME

  43. I don’t keep well please someone pray for me and please heal me. My phone number is 07549480376. Glory to Jesus and god. Blessings from Addie

  44. Sir, please pray for me and my family. Thanks. To be delivered from the power of darkness.

  45. please, i need prayers.God i want to be pregnant this period.i dont want miscarriage again in my life because you promise us that there shall be no barren in thy land,is a promise for me.i want to stay pamanently with my husband in Denmark.i need devine deliverance in my family,my husband and i.

  46. pls man of God pray for me against marine forces/ spirit/ spirit wife nd enemies fighting my life nd progress nd also for devine favour tanx

  47. I want pst Adekoye to personally pray for me. I was told dat de foot print of sand frm me was taken to a native doctor. I have tro delivance.

  48. I want God to cut me off from evil spirit. Evil spirit that come to make love with me. I want them to be killed in the name of JESUS

  49. please pray for me for God to heal me from diabetics and high blood pressure and unity among myself and my children . For God to bring peace in my family to protect me and my children . to make me to know him more and for prosperity and long life for me and my children .

  50. Dear friends in Christ

    My children are writing exams tomorrow and they need prayers for great success in their exams.Please pray for them that every source of contact that the enemy is using factors to demote them be destroyed by fire. Also wer were advised to pack our family vehicle from yesterday as there is a knock int he engine. Pray pray for us for without our vehicle we struggle alot

    God bless you.

  51. I thank God for answer prayers ,for giving me my Resident permit may his name be exulted in Jesus name Amen.and am still believe that he will give me fruit of the womb,grant me stay permanent in Denmark , for my Husband to love & cherish me the more in Jesus name Amen.

  52. I thank God for answer prayers ,for giving me my Resident permit may his name be exulted in Jesus name Amen.and am still believe that he will give me fruit of the womb,grant me stay permanent in Denmark ,I need a well paid job, for my Husband to love & cherish me the more in Jesus name Amen.

  53. please pray for to breakthrough in all aspect of my life.mostly on debts

  54. I love the prayer points and i’ll really be happy if my e-mail can also be recieving the prayer points.

  55. AM a Lady in east Africa and am surposed to wed 29th dec but my fiance is not commicating please pray for me even don’t know what is happening to him.


  57. I am frustrated right now because I keep fall back into sin. There is a call upon my life and I don’t want to miss God. Please pray my strength

  58. Please help me, i need prayers. i got born again a while ago and my head kept condeming me beouse of my thought whih were going through a delierane frompowers of darkness.

  59. I and my family need your prayers man of God. I have two sisters who have no fruit of the womb. The elder one, the husband passed away immediately he paid dowry he just collapsed. And the younger one the husband died when the marriage was eight months due to a long sufering. and in my case even if i am married my partner has not paid dowry due to unknown circusmtances beyond my control. even if my sisters are in ther mid forties I have no doubt our God is a God of miracles He can do it, becasue He is faithful.

  60. People of God Pls pray for my mum she is in hospital luth in Lagos having partial stroke she cnt talk or eat she is in oxygen having small blood on the head her name is goodness onyedikachi Ibeh i need ur prayers let the of miracle healin of God takes place frm top of her head to every part ie affected i knw that the God of mountain of fire & miracle ministries & God olukuya wil answer us i pray in jesus healing name amen Augustine Ibeh

    sent by mekusmega

  61. Daddy G O gud evening sir, for within preiod of 5 year I three male, 1st at the age of 1yr and six month, the second one at the age of just 20days then last happened last march that was also 5months abd two weeks. We are confused, sir we needs you to assist us, as the backing up spiritually.

  62. hi pray for me craig fraser from deliverance from demons and occult also severe spiritual headaches and also my partner rachel last at work and home protection for both of us my name is craig god bless pastor we are in uk.

  63. I attended your church in nairobi kenya and my ways opened up after along time of struggle of financial crisis but the plans commitments that i put b4 Lord jesus christ Are taking long to be realised kindly pray with me for my succes

  64. please pray for me to get a well paying job urgently because my situation is bad financially

  65. Please pray for me. I am HIV Positive with high blood pressure since January 2010 and my spirit refuses to take anti-retroviral drug and now I became very lean due to d virus. Please pray for me that God delivered and healed me of this deadly diseases. Thank you, may the Holy spirit of the Living God never depart from you sir.

  66. let d God of olukoya brake the poverty in my family (amen)

  67. let d God of Olukoya brake d disappointment in my life nd family nd spiritual attacks AMEN

  68. I hav dis issues bothering me seriously,hw can u know if u hav spirit of pride n hw can u deal with it. thks sir

  69. Prayer Request
    Protection, prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances and business,protection and prosperity of his health,success and miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .
    He must have money to travel ; God must bless his travel in Jesus name .

  70. I appreciate your prayer but i need always your mesage and and all your request in my email thank in advance.

  71. Prayer  Request :

    Protection of God , healing ,wisdom,freedom,  prosperity , miracles in finances , success and miracles in business,good job , success and miracles must be in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus Name .
      God bless You.

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