How to recover lost glory and reclaim stolen blessings

When the thief is caught he must repay seven fold“- Proverbs 6 vs 31.

Last year August, I was unjustifiably denied visa by one of the embassies in Nigeria to travel to Europe. I will not bother you with the details, but It was obvious to me that the devil was at work. Of course, my prayer life was at a low ebb around this time and that was why the devil was able to denied me the opportunity to travel and attend an all expenses paid conference.

I got mad at the devil standing on Proverbs 6 vs 31 and commanded him to vomit all the other foreign trips he had stolen from me. I specifically decreed that I must travel seven times before the end of the year-all expenses paid.

The beautiful testimony is that this came to pass..between September and December 2008, I had four all expenses paid similar foreign trips which I succesfully undertook.

Three weeks ago, my personal laptop got damage because flood water entered my car, where I parked. My online Business was almost paralysed including updating this blog. I knew the finger of the devil was at work, and immediately pray that he must restore back to me seven lap tops, not just the one that got damage in the flood water. Last Saturday, I bought a new laptop, and I have told the devil that there are six more to go.

The devil hear and obey commands, if you have a legal right. The problem with most christians is that we either dont know our rights as christians or afraid to issue commands to the enemy.

Pray like this:

1. I comand my stolen blessings to be restored to me seven fold n Jesus name.

2. I claim seven fold, for every blessings i have missed in Jesus name.

Babatope Babalobi

14 Responses to “How to recover lost glory and reclaim stolen blessings”

  1. I have been tryg to find this scripture. Thank u, thanks for the testimony. Very encouraging!!! And I will use it for my own confession.

  2. Thank you for such powerful prayers. I will start using the same to reclaim my glory ,promotion and all my lost blessings in Jesus name

  3. what a revelation. I happen to have lost about two expensive laptops, cellphones, and cars that were stolen from me. Now with this scripture, Im claiming all that was stolen to be restored sevenfold. Now I am positive my staff is coming my way.Amen Man of God! May the increase happen to all aspects of your life more than a thousand times as the word pronounces in Deut 1:11.

  4. please i want to be more enlightened about this topic ‘the Recovering the glory’

  5. Waoh thats what i need to hear. In Jesus name i have already recieved if God has donen that for you i know he has done it for me . amen

  6. i thank God for this prayer point for restoration


  8. it is my prayer that this year i recover all that i have ever lost in life ever since i was born.So far i have appealed to the court of Heaven and the hearing is on saturday 07/05/11.iam standing on Isaiah 43:9,26.the thief shud pay back every thing this year in Jesus’ name.

  9. Thank you, I a too am begining to understand and know the true knowledge of God, and the authority He has given us through Christ this website is exactly what I am looking for so practical and this is what we Christians needs to implement in our lives everyday!!!

  10. Thanks for providing the scripture for this. I’m now reclaiming everything back that Satan has stolen from me in my entire life time seven fold- I comand my stolen blessings to be restored to me seven fold in Jesus’ name!!!! Thank you Jesus!!

    p.s. Check out my blog, if you want the truth behind the alien/ufo phenomenon.

  11. I am scared. I think I need help from you

  12. I really need help from you

  13. If it can work for u sir it can work for me


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